Who is Santa

Santa is hope, Santa is faith, Santa is an embodiment of unconditional love.  The spirit of Christmas that lends credence to Santa goes beyond religion. Children all over the world, whether they follow Christianity or not, believe in Santa. They believe because the want to. For small children, Santa is their  parents not because they hide presents for them in the socks or under the pillow or near the Christmas tree but because they are always present for them with a promise to take care of them and do everything possible to fill their lives with happiness.

Somewhere deep down we all want Santas in our lives, someone who would make our wishes come true how much ever impossible they might seem. What if I say that Santa is there for adults too making their wishes come true?  Yes, it’s true, we all do have Secret Santas in our lives. It’s just that he doesn’t come in a red costume and a white beard with sack full of gifts saying HO HO HO. He comes in the form of our spouses, relatives, friends, colleagues and sometimes even strangers who make our wishes come true and sometimes even bail us out of difficult situations.

Ever observed a child’s conviction and zeal while writing letters to Santa? There is a highest degree of optimism and belief, that Santa will definitely grant their wish. When parents read those letters and place gifts accordingly, they are unknowingly nurturing the power of positive thinking. But somewhere while growing up we stop believing in Santa and stop writing letters to him. That is the beginning of our struggles in life and a feeling slowly creeps up that no Santa is going to come to set things right. I have to set things right myself resulting in more stress and ultimately depression. And then comes the most interesting and in a way hilarious part. Life is full of stress and failures and some well-wisher gifts us a book on the POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING. How paradoxical is that? Heavy words, heavy concepts and we come back taking a full circle.

So, who is Santa? Santa is the POWER of positivity and optimism. Never let Santa die in your heart and you’ll never need any seminar or book on positive thinking!!!

Merry Christmas!!!