Play School

Admissions Open in Play School, Pre-Nursery, Nursery & Kindergarten


Age: 15 months to 2.5 yrs

Children as well the parents at this stage may be anxious about the kids being away from their parents in their ‘first step into the unknown’. Playgroup teachers and the entire staff is trained to recognize the importance of building an emotive relationship and the need to provide a sense of comfort and security. Parents too require practical tips in this home-to-school transition to ease out child’s separation anxiety. Close bonding activities and daily routines will help provide the child with a sense of stability and belonging, making us a familial home away from their own walls each parent claims it to be the best preschool in Noida



Age: 2.5 to 3.5 yrs

Explore the world around them and learn the influencers in their daily routine while at the playschool. A child-initiated learning, empowering them to experience and raise questions about the world around. It’s gratifying to see how quickly these children pick up words, phrases, songs and rhymes from teachers and friends. Activities like construction, block-building, painting, drawing, outdoor and indoor gross motor play are coupled with dramatics, puzzles, music, singing and dancing is followed in our 



Age: 3.5 yrs to 4.5/5

Making them ready to launch into a larger world from a preschool, with lot more independence, developing the communicative and literary skills, focusing upon building confidence, self esteem and laying a foundation for getting into academics. Building a positive attitude for problem solving skills. We emphasise on creativity, language, skills and concepts alongwith character and attitude. Games, reading and story-telling are a few aids to promote interactions and bondings. Events & moments are created for children to expand their repository of knowledge, cultivate their strengths & interests for a strong academic foundation.



Developing kindergarteners’ reading skills and ability curriculum creates a developmentally appropriate learning environment that empowers children to be confident, successful, lifelong learners.

Curriculum involves

    • Language Works
    • Science interpretations
    • Maths skills
    • Art Projects 
    • World around
    • Awareness of environment